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this website is dedicated to the ongoing research of Prof. multipl. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura and BDORT.

We want to provide a complete seminar calendar of Dr. Omura, especially of his Europe talks and seminars to promote his interesting and far reaching insights and teachings.

Too bad that none of Omura-Pupils or Dr. Omura is reachable via email, so whoever has speaking or seminar dates of Dr. Omura is kindly asked to drop a line and a link.

Conference / Seminars with Dr. Omura 2016



http://bdort.org/    Website of great Andrew Pallos with important information, testimonials, sheets and calendar for the Irvine (Los Angeles) seminars

interesting testimonials of the highly trusted dentist Dr. Andrew Pallos

http://www.icaet.org/  Website of the New York Acupuncture Society with the calendar for the New York seminars as well as many phone numbers of organizers.

Tools & more for BDORT („Victor“): http://www.micint.com/


Videos of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura

Japanese TV report about BDORT diagnostic (in english)

Sudden cardiac death after can-beer by tongue piercing

Asbestos induced Asthma cured by laser stimulation of medulla oblongata